This video will show you the most recent updates and features that come with Android 11. It includes the following:

  1. Android 11 features.
  2. Gesture control.
  3. System shortcuts.
  4. Google settings.

Android 11 Features

Android 11 was released this September on the 8th. It marks the 18th version of Android, and Google’s 11th major release of the mobile platform. All of the Google Pixel phones have already been updated to the latest version, the new versions arriving soon on the majority of other devices that support it – phones like OnePlus, Xiaomi, Samsung, and other companies have yet to update their smartphone line-ups to Android 11, which feels and looks very similar to Android 10.

Some of the new features included in Android 11 are listed here:

  1. New conversation notifications – The notification drawer now has 3 categories: Conversations, Alerting, and Silent. This helps you prioritize your conversations and apply filters to direct messages in other apps like Telegram.
  2. Notification history – Android 11 introduces a new notification history feature, which allows the user to go back through all the previously received notifications. It’s not enabled by default, and can be turned on by navigating to Settings > Apps & notifications > Notifications > Notifications history.
  3. Chat bubbles – Google has prioritized Android 11 for communications features: Notifications, chat apps, and conversation-related systems. Chat bubbles are included and focused on in Android 11, and they work the same as Facebook messenger’s chat bubbles.
  4. Native screen recording – Google has, for the first time, brought a screen recorder along with their most recent OS for mobile devices. The screen recorder resides in the Quick Settings and can be enabled by simply tapping on the feature.
  5. Better media controls – Google has reserved a big section of the drawer in Android 11 for conversations, so Google has decided to move the media controls to Quick Settings and is now highly tweakable and scalable.
  6. Smart device controls – Smart home and smart device control have been made easier to use. You can hold down the power button to launch the newly installed tool.
  7. Permission control – The highlight feature of Google’s new permission controls, is the ability to grand an app permissions only for a specific session. Permissions can now be controlled more effectively by the user, and have the ability to easily revoke permissions as well.
  8. Theme scheduling – Android 11 users can now schedule when the dark them turns on or off. Previously it was only able to schedule night light, but with a dark theme, you can set up a custom or automatic schedule.
  9. Firmware updates via Google Play Store – One of the biggest stepping stones for Google’s latest mobile OS, is bringing feature and security updates for Android 11, to the Google Play Store. Users are now able to download and install system and security patches directly from the Google Play Store instead of updating through the Settings app on their devices.

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