This video will show you how to stop unnecessary battery drain and increase your battery life on Android. It includes the following:

  1. Android battery drain.
  2. Remove Android apps with ADB.
  3. Remove bloatware and crapware on your phone.
  4. Disable application packages.

Android Battery Drain

Most smartphone users expect that when they use their Android device, it should last for about a day with average use before plugging it into a charging point. There are many Android users that have faced these battery drain problems – yet there are a few easy tricks that will help to maximize the battery life of your smartphone:

Charge your phone smartly

Many of us plug our phones into the charging point when the battery percentage is very low. Leaving the phone connected to the charger all the time can influence the discharge cycle of your device’s battery. Fully discharging and charging the device may take a toll on the battery’s capacity, we recommend you to not overcharge any of your devices.

Low Power Mode

Enabling low power mode on your device will help you get more life expectancy out of the battery. You can enable this setting by going to Settings > Battery Options > and enable Low Power Mode from here. When low power mode is enabled, functions like background downloading, sync, and connectivity functions are restricted or disabled automatically to prevent extra battery drain.

Screen brightness

Auto-brightness can be enabled – this allows the phone to increase or decrease its brightness according to the amount of light in the room, and also saves a lot of battery life. Other methods to stop Android battery drain include:

Wifi and connectivity

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and your phone’s data connection constantly drain the battery during use. We recommend disabling any unnecessary connections to further improve battery life.

Disable location services

Nowadays most apps need your location in order to work properly. You can go into your Android Settings and disable location services to improve the battery’s drain rate.

Use Dark Mode

Many applications for Android have rolled out with a function called Dark Mode. Android itself has released this feature in it’s most recent versions. Basically, using dark mode allows the applications that run on your phone to have a dark grey theme in order to save battery life – because white light uses more battery than dark light.

We hope that this information has helped you to solve your Android battery drain issues. If you need any further assistance or advice, please contact us via the website.