This video will show you how to find Windows 10 product key. It includes the following:

  1. Windows 10 licensing information.
  2. How to find Windows 10 product key.

Do you have Genuine Windows?

If you have a genuine copy of Windows, you’ll have a license key. When purchasing a new or refurbished computer, they come preloaded with Windows 10. In addition, your new device comes embedded with the license already. The code is unique to every device that comes with Windows 10. If you have a genuine version, you can do updates.

If you’ve chosen a laptop without an OS, it’s a different story. However, you can still install Windows without the use of a key. However, this gives your version of Windows certain limitations. Things like setting your background wallpaper won’t be possible. All in all, your computer will still be usable without it, but it won’t be the best experience. See here how to activate Windows 10.

A product key is necessary to activate your copy of Windows 10. You can then gain unrestricted access to all the nice features.

How to Find Windows 10 Product Key

Your product code is located on your computer. For physical copies of Windows 10, it will be shown in the packaging. Here’s how to find your product code:

  1. Check if Windows is activated. Open Settings > Update & Security > Activation. You will see if it’s activated or not.
  2. A short method is to open up Command Prompt or PowerShell. Enter the following command to see your product code: “wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey” without the quotation marks.

Now you can press Enter and you’ll see your product code displayed in the window.

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