This video will show you how to hide apps on Android. It includes the following:

  1. Hide apps without uninstalling.
  2. Android Launchers & usage.

How to Hide Apps on Android

Everyone needs to hide an app once in a while. It can be a way to clear up your device from the clutter on the screen. You can also hide apps so that no one can access them except yourself. This is useful when you want to monitor and protect your kids while they’re using the device. Currently, we have 4 methods you can use to hide apps on your Android device:

  1. Disable the app – You can disable the app by going into Settings > Applications, and disable the application.
  2. Hide apps in folders – You can hide the specific app inside of another app or folder.
  3. Use a different launcher – Launchers like Nova Launcher allow you to hide your apps for free.
  4. Password lock the app – Lock your apps with a password. This is native to Android and can be done from inside Settings > Security.