This video will show you how to update and install the Java Runtime Environment on Windows 10. It includes the following:

  1. Download
  2. Installation
  3. JRE Configuration

What is the Java Runtime Environment?

Java Runtime Environment (JRE for short) is a layer of software that runs above the computer’s native operating system software and provides the use of class libraries and resources that are needed for specific Java programs to run correctly. JRE is one of the three types of interrelated components for developing and running Java-based programs. The runtime environment issues and loads class files into the system resources.

We can approach software as a series of layers that are positioned on top of the system’s native software – each layer provides application-specific services that are used by the layers above that one. The Java Runtime Environment smoothes out the diversity of operating systems by ensuring that Java-based software can run on almost any OS without heavy modifications. One of the core features of JRE is its automatic memory management function – which ensures that programmers aren’t forced to manually control the allocation of system resources and allocation/reallocation of memory.


How does Java Runtime Environment work?

JRE creates a stable environment that enables the seamless execution of Java-based software. The following architecture is used in JRE:

  1. ClassLoader – An automated process that dynamically loads all classes that are needed to run a Java program.
  2. Bytecode verifier – Ensures that the format and structure of Java code don’t violate system integrity or access rights.
  3. Interpreter – After a Bytecode loads successfully, the interpreter creates instances of JVM that allow Java software to be executed by the computer.

Java Runtime Environment is included by default when you download software that requires the Java software layer before the 3rd party application can run. On Windows 10, JRE is usually included in Windows Updates.

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