This video will show you how to fix a problem with Outlook not opening on Windows 10. It includes the following:

  1. Command Prompt Admin
  2. Updating Office
  3. Repair Office

Microsoft Outlook and how it works

Outlook is an email client software developed by Microsoft. It’s primarily used as an email client – it also includes a calendar, task management, and contact management system, note-taking, journal logging, and web browsing services. Home users will utilize Microsoft Outlook in a form of an email client, capable of sending and receiving emails and managing their notes.

Microsoft’s first iteration of Outlook was developed and announced in 2002. It introduced features such as autocomplete, group schedules, hyperlink support, a calendar, and a notebook. Since then Microsoft’s Outlook has evolved into a feature-packed platform for managing events and calendar dates, integrated text-to-voice speech, automatic attachment downloads, and much more.

However, sometimes Outlook does have glitches and bugs that prevent it from working correctly or give you errors related to Outlook not opening on Windows. This can be especially frustrating when you are waiting for an important email to come through. It’s usually outdated software or a corrupt system user profile being the main reason for Outlook not opening on Windows 10 correctly. Other causes could be from problematic add-ins, damaged files, or navigation pane issues.


How to fix Outlook not opening on Windows

  1. If Outlook is not opening on Windows, try starting Microsoft Outlook in Safe Mode, if it opens as expected, the issues could most likely be related to an add-in or the toolbar extension.
  2. Disable any enabled add-ins. Sometimes add-ins conflict with each other – creating the cause of the problem. Try to disable the add-ins and check if Outlook manages to start by going to File > Options > Add-ins.
  3. Repair Outlook by using the built-in Microsoft Office repair utility.
  4. Reset the navigation pane: Exit Outlook and go to Start > Run. Copy and paste outlook.exe /resetnavpane into the run window and click OK.


How to fix Outlook not opening in Mac

  1. Check for the latest updates and ensure they are installed correctly. The most recent update could include a fix for your problem.
  2. Rebuild the Outlook database using the Microsoft Office repair utility.

We hope this has fixed your problem of the Outlook not opening on Windows error. If any further assistance is required you can contact us directly via the website and we will solve your issue.