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Hey, i would be glad if someone could help me with this issue i have been having for a while. (Windows 10 x64)

My computer was constant on 100% disk usage all the time, caused by “System” process taking about 17MB/s.

After a random while (could be caused because i started up skype) the disk usage went to 0% and instead, my RAM usage went to 80% (from 8 GB ram) with only google chrome and skype running, both together taking about 500MB RAM.

However task manager is telling me my PC is using 6GB RAM. So there is something using RAM thats not listed in task manager.

Can someone point me in the direction of what is wrong with my pc?

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Windows was updating after all.. i feel so *censored* stupid im sorry for wasting your time and thanks for your help

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Download install and run Process Explorer…Post a screenshot of what’s eating up resources…
Were Windows Updates running in the background perhaps ? Because I’ve seen that before.

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