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Hello. Originally I wanted to perform a chkdsk from boot as it appears my pc is playing up. Nearly everything won’t open properly and/or seem slow. For example, I went to open Windows 10, “Users”, folder and an, “Access is Denied”, message came up. Searches said to go to the, “Security”, tab, but it’s not there. So it said to use, “File Explorer Options”, to, “show files, folders and drives”, but that didn’t work either. Also tried right clicking, “Command Prompt”, but a long message basically saying, “This file does not have a program associated with for performing this action,”. And putting, “gpedit.msc” in, “Run”, failed too. Please help!

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If you can’t get to a command prompt, running a chkdsk will be difficult.
you may have to start the PC in Safe Mode.

for the same reason you can’t get into a command prompt, will probably also stop you getting into msconfig to setup Win10 to start the next boot into Safe Mode.
another method is to start the PC normally, but as it starts Win10, hold in the power button to force a shutdown, repeat that process a couple more times and Windows will eventually bring up a “Please wait, repairing…” message where you can get into Safe Mode.

then try your chkdsk command.
perhaps a sfc /scannow would also be advisable.

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