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The weirdest thing happened. Here I am taking an online exam and I refresh the page and bam I can no longer access the internet with any browser… I get a Error 404.. Here is the weird thing.. When I run troubleshoot, it says I am connected to the internet. I can play online with a MMO like World of Warcraft. I CAN connect to internet with browsers in Safemode. Any Ideas?

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A firewall could cause some things to work, but not others. If you’re using the firewall that came with Windows, you should be good.
I’d say reset your browser, but you’re telling us you’re having the problem with both Firefox and Chrome.

A couple of things to try

Reset the browser(s) via their settings section.

What are you using for protection?
Try turning it off temporarily.

System Restore to an earlier time

Download the installer for Chrome and/or Firefox. Uninstall the browser and reinstall.

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My firewall is what ever Windows 10 is using. I haven’t installed anything new recently. I check the event viewer to see if it gives any clue , and I get a lot of Firefox stopped working with windows… look at security Security and Maintenance control panel. .. But honestly, I dont believe Firefox is the culprit.

Really a lot of weird internet issues began when I started to watch Twitch streams on Firefox and on Chrome. But i would keep getting network errors watching the video.. when that happened it would stop ALL my browsers from connecting to the internet, but yet I could still play online games like world of Warcraft, or diablo 3 any MMO.. you log in to their server… So i technically have internet connection because I can connect my games.. BUT I can not use a browser.. I normally have to reboot computer to fix it.. but this time it wont do anything.

I did go into MSconfig and selected Diagnostic Start up.. or Maybe it was selective start up… either way I can connect to the internet again with browsers, but I did just have Firefox lock up on me.

I did have Spybot, but I removed it earlier, but still couldn’t connect to internet with browsers.. If it was a firewall issue why would my games work just fine but not a browser>?

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Excellent check to see if the browsers connect in Safe Mode. That suggests something in your startup is causing the problem.

Might want to remove anything that you’ve installed recently.

but how could this have occurred in the middle of a session?

Turn off your firewall temporarily to see if that’s messing things up. Oh, what firewall are you using?

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