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Hi all,

I just built my own PC a about 8 months ago and I keep getting Blue Screen of Death errors.

These errors happen once a day or every few days (sometimes with watching YT videos or even if I am not doing anything my PC will just crash). Most of the errors I have gotten have been caused by this driver: ntoskrnl.exe. Although each time my PC has crashed it has not been the same error as it changes each time.

All my drivers are up to date and I have no malware on my PC (I am using Malware bytes and windows defender).

Here is the list of my PC parts:

Note: that I am using windows 10 not 8.1

I have also tried to run a chkdisc or something scan and ran a memory test (to check my RAM).

Nothing seems to be showing up :(

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If you have multiple and varied errors. These are typically caused by major hardware failure or malware. First thing you want to do is run full scans with both your installed anti virus app and with MalwareBytes. If the scans come up clean it is almost certainly a hardware issue. I don’t get involved with home-built computers because there are simply too many variables and unknowns. It could be anything from the motherboard to the power supply or anything in between.
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