Can’t turn on file sharing or network discovery2021-04-19T15:06:03+01:00
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OS : Windows 7 Professional SP1 (x64)
Firewall Software : Windows Firewall
Other protection software : MalwareBytes AntiMalware and Microsoft Security Essentials

I can’t seem to turn on my File and Printer Sharing and Network Discovery options from the Network and Sharing Center. I go to the sharing options, and click turn on to both of them. Then after I confirm by pressing save, if I come back they’ve returned to their previous turned off position.

I tried a few things and have searched online for the last hour or so, but I’m willing to follow directions if someone is more used to this problem than I am. I also searched these forums but sadly the word “on” is one of the main points of this and words shorter than 3 letters are rejected from the search engine, so the results weren’t really related.

Please help me, mighty internet, you are my only hope!

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Go to

Control panel>>windows firewall

Click onĀ Allow a program or feature through windows firewall

Make sure file sharing and network discovery have been checkmarked.

Do you have previous restore point when it worked?

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Disable your windows firewall and try to turn on file sharing and network discovery.Does it work?

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