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I have a directory with multiple subdirectories, each with files and subdirectories of its own.

When I right-click on the grandparent and select Properties, the Black Box next to “Read Only” appears. I UNcheck it, tell it that it’s OK to apply to subfolders, etc. and then… Nothing. Same Black Box. (That is, the Black Box that means not everything is [X] Read Only or [  ] Not).

I have clicked through to each individual file and subfolder, and NONE are ticked for Read Only. I have gone into Folder Options to “Show” Hidden folders.

I have not messed around with Security Settings.

I have gone into both PowerShell and CMD as an admin and tried “attrib -r +s” and “attrib -r *.*” and both times gotten the message “file not found *.*” .

Most vexing!

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Are any of the files in use or open that the attribute wouldn’t be able to be changed until they are closed?

Have you tried rebooting system and making sure not to open any files in that tree path and then try again in case its some sort of temp file that is thought to still be in use by something?

Are any of the files “password protected”, which may make changing their attribute a problem.

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I discovered the issue trying to edit the file names in Ghisler’s Total Commander. So I don’t know if something else “opened” the files before that or not. None were password protected, as far as I know. I deleted the Hidden files I didn’t need, rebooted, and edited one-at-a-time the ones I did, so I can’t answer your question with any more detail than that. This has happened in the recent past, with a bunch of files I DL’ed from work… So if it happens again, I will pay closer attention.

Thanks all.

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