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I have a directory with multiple subdirectories, each with files and subdirectories of its own.

When I right-click on the grandparent and select Properties, the Black Box next to “Read Only” appears. I UNcheck it, tell it that it’s OK to apply to subfolders, etc. and then… Nothing. Same Black Box. (That is, the Black Box that means not everything is [X] Read Only or [  ] Not).

I have clicked through to each individual file and subfolder, and NONE are ticked for Read Only. I have gone into Folder Options to “Show” Hidden folders.

I have not messed around with Security Settings.

I have gone into both PowerShell and CMD as an admin and tried “attrib -r +s” and “attrib -r *.*” and both times gotten the message “file not found *.*” .

Most vexing!

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I discovered the issue trying to edit the file names in Ghisler’s Total Commander. So I don’t know if something else “opened” the files before that or not. None were password protected, as far as I know. I deleted the Hidden files I didn’t need, rebooted, and edited one-at-a-time the ones I did, so I can’t answer your question with any more detail than that. This has happened in the recent past, with a bunch of files I DL’ed from work… So if it happens again, I will pay closer attention.

Thanks all.

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