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For a long time now, I’ve wanted to clean my pc, of unwanted apps, and files, that are just, cluttering my pc up. I’ve always been wary, of uninstalling Windows files of any kind, as I don’t know how important they are. At last, a pc magazine, I subscribe to, has produced a whole section on what you can delete, and how to do it. I have a query, more than a problem.
They begin, by telling how to easily uninstall apps, by right clicking on the tiles, at the start menu, and clicking, uninstall. One of the programs is Microsoft Edge, which I never use. I right clicked on it, and uninstalled it, so I thought. In a later paragraph, the give a different way to uninstall Edge, as it’s not so straight forward. They say, go to C:/Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application. I followed this, but all I have in the Microsoft folder is EdgeUpdate folder, EdgeWebView folder, and a temp folder. My question is, can I just delete these folders. They go on to say, to use a command line to remove edge, using a address of the file, but obviously, this won’t work if the address is not there.

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Those 3 folders are whats left because you uninstalled Edge earlier. Just delete them.

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