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Hi everyone, I seem to never have any look with my PC, recently installed a windows 10 feature update and after a bit my fans started to go really fast, shut it down as normal but now when I switch on I get a blue screen saying critical process died.

My specs:

i7 10700k
Rog Strix Z480-F Gaming Mobo
16gb DDR4 Vengeance Pro
Cooler Master ML249R Water cooling
Asus Strix 1070ti Graphics card
1tb M.2

I have tried a startup repair, system restore, uninstall updates and reset this PC all fail I also have a USB windows recovery stick but it refuses to boot to it. Have tried to use windows CMD but all commands like sfc/scanner fail and say error.

Michael Sparks have been trying some CMD in advanced options but everything fails even sfc/scannow.

I did notice when trying to do a system restore (I have 3 drives installed one M.2 with windows installed and 2 1tb hard drives for storage) the C drive didn’t have any system and E drive does but fails. This is so confusing lol.

And sorry I cannot post anymore system info because I can’t get the PC to boot.

I’m now totally lost as what is the problem and how to fix.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

I’m pulling my hair out trying to find the cause.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Do you mean it will not boot – to POST even
OR do you mean it will not load windows

Whatever method you used to enter recovery options on advanced startup where you tried cd prompt, startup repair etc try
Startup settings and boot to Safe Mode

The critical process died may be a process has has been corrupted and the boot to Safe Mode, may just succeed.

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