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Gotta Dell Latitude 7300. Checked so many things on how to turn it off and no options anywhere. Even went into BIOS and nothing there especially in the video section. Any hope?

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Ok I installed some graphics driver from dell and it installed the graphics command center. Going through the settings there i found adoptive brightness but it was off both for plugged in or off. But there was another option turned on called display power savings maybe that was it i turned it off. We will see. Man this is complicated. I guess it’s a similar feature to the Intel Display Power Saving Technology you been talking about.

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The very first thing returned by that DuckDuckGo search:…windows-8-1-to-address-screen-flicker?lang=en

Gives the step-by-step instructions, as does the entry entitled, Panel brightness cannot be adjusted by Fn+F6 or Fn+F7 on the latest generation of Latitude notebooks, on this page,,which is the second or third item returned.

The steps to disable the ambient light sensor in Windows 8.1 are listed below:

  1. Press the Windows + X key to open the quick jump menu. Click or tap Power Options.
  2. In Power Options, Click or tap Change plan settings (hyperlink on the right side) for whatever plan you are using.
  3. Click or tap Change advanced power settings.
  4. Scroll down to the Display section, click or tap the + in front of Display and Enable adaptive brightness.
  5. Choose Off for whichever power situation the you desire to control manually, (battery or AC), or both.
  6. Click or tap and OK to save and close. Then close any remaining open windows.

On systems equipped with Intel Display Power Saving Technology (DPST) you may also need to complete these additional steps:

  1. Right click on the battery icon in the systray.
  2. Click Dell Extended Battery Options from the menu.
  3. Under Dell Intelligent Display, click on Configuration and turn this feature off.
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I’m using windows 10 and went through all the display settings possible and no options.

Not much in the Dell manuals unfortunately as you all may know lol

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This is generally handled in the display settings of whatever operating system you may be using. That, or if Dell has a dedicated utility, and very often the OEMs do for this sort of thing.

Without additional information it’s difficult to be any more specific.

Also, there’s scads of information available from Dell on this:

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