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Windows 10 used to seem really stable.

Lately – last two weeks or so – I have been getting lots of weirdness:

  • Office products hanging, “Not Responding” to things like F12 (Save As)
  • Windows Explorer taking a long time to fully open a window (“Fully Open” = icons have correct thumbnails, little green bar in address window makes it all the way from left to right)
  • Windows Explorer “Not Responding”

I don’t know precisely when I first noticed, so can’t begin to think if there’s a correlation to an update or new software. I don’t think I’ve installed anything around the window things started acting funny. Did a malware check and things looked okey-dokey.

Anyone else having similar issues?

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Rather than start with the Windows tools to check files, I suggest you check the Hard drive is up to running these checks.

I would run a copy of HD sentinel from here https://www.hdsentinel.com/download.php

Check the drive and if it is failing have it replaced. Then run the tools Gizmo suggested.

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“Tools” isn’t a right-click option. Presume you mean “Properties=>Tools”?

ETA: Meant to include that I ran that, and it was fine.

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Explorer taking a long time to open a window could indicate a hard drive problem.
If you can open Explorer and click on My PC, right click on the C: drive, click on the Tools tab and then in Error Checking click on Check.

If there are any problems hopefully windows can fix them, or at least indicate if that is the cause.

If it is not that then we will have to delve further into what is causing the problem.

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