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I am having some mouse issues. My pc has a very unique problem. My mouse “misbehaves “. Basically it wont move in a straight line sometimes. I had this issues and I just did a fresh install of windows, the problem is still an issue. Its not a hardware problem, I have tested it with other devices. I used to be able to fix it by uninstalling the mouse driver from the device manager and replug it, but now its constant. I basically cant play any fps game. What do I do? Could someone upload a good mouse driver for me to install? I am helpless I have tried everything.
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Stick to using one of the black USB 2.0 ports while we troubleshoot this, the reasoning behind doing so is simple once it is explained why, the BIOS and Windows both have generic USB 2.0 drivers while Windows 10 can have generic USB 3.0 drivers that will work with some devices the BIOS does not, short version, you want the mouse to work from the moment that you power up the PC and not only once Windows has loaded using generic drivers.

For DriverView, run it, select all, save as txt and attach to your next reply for us.

[email protected] Changed status to publish April 20, 2021
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