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Hi, I have a new TV connected to my PC and I wanted to use the HDR functions, but I am only able to do this in Full HD resolution. (In 4K the switch isn’t grayed out, but switches immediatly back to “no”. there aren’t any preview images like in FULLHD aswell. In the Windows-HD-Color Window, while using 4k, in the graphics driver dynamic output can’t be switched to full. Why is that so? Any tipps? Please help

  • AMD Ryzen [email protected]
  • 16 GB DDR4 Ram
  • Asus Geforce GTX 1060 DUAL 6GB (456.55)
  • W10 x64 1809 ENT
  • Sony KD-55XG9505
  • DxDiag Info says, it’s supported by graphics card (AdvancedColorEnabled) and monitor (HDR Supported (BT2020RGB BT2020YCC Eotf2084Supported)

I am using HDMI to connect the two, I tried 2 different cables, same result.

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It was the TV. Sony forces one to change the HDMI mode setting for each input individually from standard (default) to extended mode. Just found it and now it works fine.
If anyone else comes into this situation, you go to “Home” screen, then click on the gear in the top right. There you go to “watching TV” and then “external inputs”. There you’ll find the HDMI Input where you can change your inputs individually to extended. BANG, it works like a charm

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Is the PC’s graphics card 4K compatible? Can you set this resolution?
Is the TV full 4K or just 4K compatible?
Are you using a 4K compatible HDMI connection?

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