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Hi, I recently have needed to reinstall windows 10. I tried using the media creation tool from Microsoft. Doing this led to me getting stuck in an automatic repair loop which eventually I managed to get out of. I still now need to reinstall windows but I don’t want to use this method again in case the same problem occurs. What other ways can I reinstall windows without data loss that are unlikely to result in me having the same automatic repair loop problem?


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Use the Media Creation Tool to create a bootable flash drive.  Plug the drive in and kick off the Upgrade by clicking on the setup.exe.  Make sure Keep my Files is checked.  This way you have the install media to use later.


Or you can use the iso to do this also.  This is the recommended way at tenforums.

To Do a Repair Install of Windows 10 with an ISO file


If you get stuck in a loop again you will need to backup all your data and do a Clean Install.

[email protected] Changed status to publish April 20, 2021
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