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My computer is stuck in a restarting loop after doing a full reset. The only options i can Click is what language i wanna use, i then get to the «Why did my PC restart?» screen, where it tells me «Theres a problem thats keeping us from getting your PC ready to use, but we think an update will help get things working again» and i click next, get a few loading screens and i end up right back where i started, i cannot click anythung else than this.. i am able to open BIOS settings but theres nothing there that would help me..

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See if you are able to force the computer to start in the Windows Recovery Environment (RE) by starting up and shutting down the computer two or three times using the case power button, please note that you need to shut down the computer after the MBs splash screen and just before Windows attempts to load, if successful you should then continue to the Troubleshooting options and then hopefully be able to use Reset this PC, a system restore point or Safe Mode etc.

If you are able to get into the Windows RE post straight back before trying anything.

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