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For over 24 hours Windows Update has said “Restart your computer to install important updates”, yet every time I restart and check Windows Update it is still saying “Restart your computwer to install important updates”. The update history shows a security update, KB3069762, which has been showing as “pending” for the whole of this period despite numerous restarts, but never shows as “successful” or “failed”. It just stays stuck at “pending”.


Is it likely this is the cause of the problem? I also uninstalled the “Upgrade to Windows10 Home ” update which now shows as failed.


PS – I’ve tried uninstalling security update KB3069762 and then reinstalling manually via Microsoft Security Bulletins (MS15-067) but it still shows as pending after restarting.

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Fix It 50202 works in Windows XP, Vista and 7 only.
Microsoft also has the very powerful Fix It Tool 50202 that completely reinstalls Windows Update components. This one is especially helpful in cases where Windows Update is not able to check for updates (for example, error 800700C1) or installs the same updates all over again (several cases with infinite loops of .NET Framework updates).

Because Microsoft just loves to move the tool randomly around (and its site search is not helpful either), I now provide direct download link to Fix It Tool 50202.

Please save the file, do not run it automatically!
After downloading is complete, run the program (named MicrosoftFixit50202.msi).
Click I Agree in the License Terms page and then click Next.

As you can see, the Run aggressive options (not recommended) check box on Additional options screen is unchecked. I strongly suggest to execute the repairs without enabling aggressive options for the first time – this will retain all Windows Update and Microsoft Update settings.
Click Next.

In Windows Vista and 7, User Account Control will appear. Click Continue or Yes.
The tool will then create a System Restore point and run the fixes. Some files might be downloaded during the process.
After the program has done its job, click Close.

A prompt to restart your computer appears. Save open documents and close all open programs. Then click Yes.

Verify that Automatic Updates, Windows Update or Microsoft Update works

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Delete SoftwareDistribution where all downloaded updates are cached. Click Star Menu and type Cmd.exe into search box right click Cmd.exe select “Run as administrator”.  Within opened Command Prompt type Net stop wuauserv press Enter key. Type Rd /s /q %SystemRoot%\SoftwareDistribution  press Enter key and restart your computer then check for new available updates.

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