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Since the the last windows 10 update I am unable to use the search bar. I tried using the troubleshooter in setting to do a fix and still not working? Any help would be helpful.

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you seem to be running 2 virus scanners. you need to dump borh of them if this is true.

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Hi, this is often caused by registry corruption ( it’s your computer, though I strongly recommend you use only Microsoft defender) it will be necessary to use Eset’s uninstaller to be rid of it. Go to programs and under windows systems select Command prompt right click on it select “Run as administrator” at the prompt copy this cmd :-


Reg Query “HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Search” /s > 0 & notepad 0


Please copy the notepad output here.

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For the next steps we need to know more about your PC.


Is it laptop or desktop (guessing latter)

Manufacturer and exact model number

Any add ons (like graphics, sound etc)

If custom built then: Mobo, CPU, RAM, SDD, HDD, Graphics card, sound card, Other devices installed.


What version of windows 10 are you running?


you mention system restore, that implies you can see restore points but Windows will not roll back to them? Or is it that there seem to be no restore points?


Very first thing to do now is to back up your data. Once you have done this and verified it then a fix can be considered.

If you can’t do a backup due to the instability then there are ways to try to recover the data as you may have to contemplate a clean install to restore windows.


Post back and let us know where you are.

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Good morning,


Tried using the link and no luck still the same. Seen the SearchApp.exe was suspend? I am runing Eset antivirus and malwarebytes, all showing no issues.

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