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I built my own pc with a rtx 2070super, i9 900k, 32 gigs of ram and asus motherboard.
All was going well for 6 months and i was very happy with its performance. Yesterday evening i started experiencing seeminly random significant drops in fps and has been a huge problem for the whole of yesterday evening and today. I hadn’t installed any drivers or changed any settings what so ever in game or in windows. I tried restarting my pc multiple times, cleaning my parts, i tried other games and the problem still occurred meaning the problem wasn’t with the game. My gpu and cpu were NOT overheating and i hadn’t recently updated windows, installed graphics drivers, or changed any settings so i was really puzzled. I’d be ever so grateful if someone could figure this one out

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Since this just started, maybe there was some kind of an update that installed in the background. Try a System Restore to an earlier time to see if that helps.

Also, whatever it is you’re playing, is it on the Internet? If so, it may be something in your Internet connection or that of the host.

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