Seemingly random fps drops2021-04-20T16:15:49+01:00
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I built my own pc with a rtx 2070super, i9 900k, 32 gigs of ram and asus motherboard.
All was going well for 6 months and i was very happy with its performance. Yesterday evening i started experiencing seeminly random significant drops in fps and has been a huge problem for the whole of yesterday evening and today. I hadn’t installed any drivers or changed any settings what so ever in game or in windows. I tried restarting my pc multiple times, cleaning my parts, i tried other games and the problem still occurred meaning the problem wasn’t with the game. My gpu and cpu were NOT overheating and i hadn’t recently updated windows, installed graphics drivers, or changed any settings so i was really puzzled. I’d be ever so grateful if someone could figure this one out

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It was completely fixed by a system restore to 3 days earlier. Thank you

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