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Was not paying attention and moved 2.75TB files to a 6TB WD Mybook formatted as exFat. It should have been NTSF. I was going to use convert but the convert command does not work with exFat. Since it was over half empty, I decided to shrink the partition, create a new partition, format as NTSF then move the files over. Unfortunately, neither disk management or gparted would allow any type of changes other than format on the drive.

There are third party utilities that claim they can convert without losing data and also allow partition modifications but I do not want to pay for one time use.

The reason I want to change the file system is to use it as Readyshare drive. It cannot be seen by the Nighthawk r8000 router via usb. I am guessing changing the file system will fix this issue. Any help to get to this goal would be appreciated.

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That is the last resort. I still have the original source. I am trying to avoid the time it takes to copy the files between drives and the issues I would have with the original source but that is another story not related.

never did solve the problem but decided to use the drive as is, just not for readyshare.

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So copy the 2.75 TB back to where it came from. And then format the USB External to NTFS.

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