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Hello I have a problem with my ssd on my new pc, hope someone can help me. I installed windows via usb stick on the ssd and after it finished it just restarted automatically and got stuck on the asrock loading screen. I restarted and in the boot menu my ssd didnt show up anymore. Then i booted again from the usb and tried to install again, but it always says 0MB space on my ssd. Its the same in diskpart, list disk showed the ssd and the usb, but the ssd had 0b and after i typed chkdsk /f /r it doesnt even show the ssd on list disk anymore. The ssd does not show up in the bios, but windows should be installed on it. I plugged the ssd on to my other pc, but the same problem there, neither the bios detects it nor the disk manager, there isnt even a symbol in the disk manager or in the explorer. In the hardware manager its listed under unknown devices…I want to format it, but I dont know how to access the ssd at this point. I tried to clean it with diskpart, but it didnt work. When i tried different ports it got detected a few times in the bios, but when I tried to boot from the ssd it couldnt be detected again… it all worked fine before I installed Windows. Is the ssd maybe defect? Really appreciate some help. Thanks guys.

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The media will do all that much better.
Are you using a Mac to create the media? If not then there’s no need to use Rufus to create USB media as you can download the install media & create a USB.
Are you trying to dual boot Windows 10 & Linux or is the Linux on another PC & you’re using this to download & create the media?

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Yes I did select the SSD in diskpart and used the clean command
I got the Windows file from a discord channel for free, maybe it is really a bad install media.
I used Rufus to create the USB Boot.
So with live Linux i can create a bootable USB Stick with Linux OS, which i dont need to install?
Do you think I can detect the SSD in Linux?

There was only one partition, I cleaned the SSD with diskpart and then i converted it to GPT, because it didnt accept MBR.

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While in Diskpart did you select the SSD and use the clean command?

Where did the USB media come form and how did you create it?

You could also try a live version of Linux to wipe the drive.

Could be a defective drive or it could be a bad install media.

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