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Hello everyone. I just found this site and I hope you guys could help me. I put my computer in safe mode and now I can’t get out. I have a Window’s 10 home computer that has never had any issues until it started acting up a few days ago. That’s when I decided to put it into safe mode to check it out.

Long story short, I can’t get out of safemode. I have tried using the command prompt, but when I try to do the {default} thing I’ve seen people online do, it gives me a syntax error. When I try to change the boot settings by using Windows+R and typing msconfic, and changing the settings, it tells me something like “your computer has to restart to apply these changes” and then it restarts but doesn’t update any settings and I’m back in safe mode even after a new restart. I’ve tried force stopping it and seeing if I am brought to a menu that can return me to normal mode, but at no avail.

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All I did to boot it in safemode was to click on restart while holding down shift. From there I clicked on a menu and I chose “Safe Mode” there were a few other options like “Safe mode with command prompt” “Safe mode with networking” et cetera.

What do you mean boot with media?

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