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I have had my laptop for around 4 years

Its really show to bootup and then takes a further few minutes for things to load up. i have very limited apps on auto startup, noticed that disk usage is at 100% most the time and that the cpu fan runs alot. Im sure this wasnt the case when i first had it.
Done a couple of fixes for high disk usage but didnt resolve.(windows search disable)

Would I be better off doing the windows ‘Reset This PC’ would that wipe the pc, reinstall win 10 and start fresh ?

HP Pavillion – 15-p199sa
I5 – 2.6ghz – 8gb ram

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A few things can cause slow boot and system slowness. The first thing I look to is startup items. I also look to a full or failing hard drive . You mentioned that you have few startup items. I next look to malware.

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