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No matter how often I sign out I keep coming back to the same message.
Other messages received are
We need to fix your accounts.
All accounts are working correctly
Diagnostic setting set to required.
It looks as if Admin has signed me in with a temporary account, and it seems
that Firefox and all bookmarks have disappeared as well as Thunderbird mails.
Chrome is empty as well.
Don’t know where to start.

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Unusually, system restore didn’t work.
I am trying to get in to my account that has worked for years.
On starting up I get a welcome message under my name on the screen.
Then the message changes to preparing windows.
After some time the message We Can’t Sign In To Your Account appears.
Then it says
Your administrator or organisation has set your device’s Windows Diagnostics Data to: Required.
Also I am told that I have been signed in with a temporary profile.
I am told regularly that I need to fix my Microsoft account.
No matter how often I fix it it makes no difference.

[email protected] Changed status to publish April 21, 2021
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