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Hi, I have a problem with Windows 10. I can hardly read the icon titles in Windows 10. variations in icon size do not help, Changing screen resolution makes only a small difference.

This is one of the reasons I still ha veto use Windows XP rather than Windows 10.

My vision lose cannot be corrected by eyeglasses. I ha veto have the fonts very clear and large. Notice how the Windows 10 fonts are fuzzy even for people with normal vision.
It is beyond me why Microsoft thinks fussy icon titles fare good for you.

I have another Windows 10 computer and get the same thing. Fuzzy icon titles.

Is there some way to tell Windows 10 not to make the icon title fuzzy?

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I was able to get black text, however, I haven’t gotten it to stay when putting a desktop background.

First I disabled the option to use drop shadows that I described.

Then I changed the background to solid colour and chose Orange.

At this point, the text was still white and still had a drop shadow. But when I logged out and logged back in, the text was black with no drop shadow.

But if I put anĀ  image background the text goes back to white with a drop shadow.

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