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Hello guys,

I was trying to update my Windows 7 to Windows 10 (By selecting the option of keeping apps and files) and here’s what happened.

  • Created bootable USB drive and tried to upgrade but it was extremely slow at ‘working on updates‘ screen. I waited for 4+ hours, but it didn’t move further than 20%, so I restarted the system and it reverted all the changes.
  • Then I did chkdsk f, sfc scannow and dism to solve the problems (if there are any).
  • Then I tried upgrading from the external hard disk, but it was the same. Slow, stuck at 20%, restarted, reverted back to windows 7.
  • As a final attempt, I then tried upgrading by mounting the iso, hoping it would speed up the things.
    But that too didn’t work. It again got stuck at ‘working on updates, don’t turn off…’ for hours.

So I guess the only option I’m left with now is to do a fresh installation of Windows 10 (by formatting C drive) instead of Upgrading.
But I have some doubts.
Can I move my installed softwares to some other drives before formatting?
And would they work after a fresh install?
And most importantly, will a fresh install speed up the process or do I have to again wait for ages?

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I would try doing the upgrade WITHOUT being connected to the internet, using USB boot media created via the Media Creation Tool.

There are times when upgrades can and do take many hours. I generally kick them off before going to bed and check back again in the morning.

And while a completely clean install is a better option in a number of ways, I have had virtually zero problems with machines I’ve upgraded since the debut of Windows 10. I think I’ve had one that simply would not upgrade and another that was so cranky afterward that I did a completely clean reinstall. And I’ve upgraded way more than 2 machines. I get why folks don’t want to go through having to reconfigure a machine from scratch if they can avoid it.

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You cannot copy programs, they must be reinstalled. Try disconnecting from the internet and mount the ISO and run it. It should by pass the Working on updates much quicker.
A fresh clean install will only take about 30 minutes in full, and always a better option.

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