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My dell computer windows 7 when i try to boot up it will just get to blue screen but does not bring up accounts or allow to boot up any further then blinks or flashes blue to black screen and back. I can boot in safe mode and i have scanned computer with mal-ware, mcafee, and eset scanner . have not found a virus. I did lose the ability to watch you-tube videos, and the last error i got was adobe crashed. i don’t know what to do from here. I have windows disk and thought about booting from it and doing a system repair but when i put that disk in i do not have the system repair option just an installation option. any help would be appreciated.

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would run chkdsk once more as it can take a few runs for it to correct all the errors that it can.

I would then followup chkdsk with SFC /SCANNOW. We might get lucky and a corrupt system file may be replaced.

  • If SFC doesn’t find and “integrity violations,” you can exit.
  • If SFC reports that it found and corrected “integrity violations,” run it once more.
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ran chkdsk and it made corrections to the file system. and it failed to transfer logged messages to the event log with status 50. attempting to restart windows and all I get is to the blue screen with windows 7 home premium on the bottom but no where for me to log on to users. its like it boots up just half-way. I can boot in safe mode though. now it is blinking from blue to black screen.

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( 1.) Have you tried system restore, via safe mode, to a point before the problem started?

( 2.) Run Dell Diagnostics at start-up:

  • Turn on the computer.
  • When the DELL™ logo appears, press <F12> immediately.
    • If you wait too long and the Microsoft® Windows® logo appears, continue to wait until you see the Windows desktop. Then shut down your computer and try again.
  • When the boot device list appears, highlight Diagnostics and press <Enter>.
  • After the Pre-boot System Assessment completes, select Express Test.
  • Report any errors.

( 3.) Attempt a Startup Repair using your Windows 7 Installation DVD: See how to Boot to the System Recovery Options in Windows 7.

  • Arrow down and follow Option Two.
  • At the System Recovery Options screen, select Startup Repair
  • If it’s unable to repair, run it two more times before quitting.
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1) model of computer is studio XPS 1640,

2) I reboot in both as you said and it did nothing. I am attaching 2 pictures one is just the blue screen right before it flashes to black screen. the 2nd is when it says windows did not shut down successfully then it gives me the opportunity to reboot in safe mode.

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(1.) What is the model number of your Dell computer?

(2.) Access the Advanced Boot Options Menu:

  • Power on the computer and start tapping the F8 key to bring up the Advanced Boot Options Menu.
  • Arrow down to Last Known Good Configuration and press <Enter>. Reboot and try to enter normal Windows.
  • If no luck, then access the Advanced Boot Options Menu once again.
  • Arrow to Disable automatic restart on system failure and press <Enter>.
  • Reboot the computer.
  • The next time the computer “blue Screens” with an error, the screen will freeze allowing you to see the possible cause of the error.
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