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When I try to install updates, I get this message:

We can’t install some updates because other updates are in progress.
Restarting your computer may help and we’ll keep trying to update.

When I click on RETRY, it checks for updates and shows updates are available  and prepares to install them, but then goes back to the RETRY and does not install them.

How may I correct this?

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If the repair tool doesn’t fix it here are your options:

– Identify which update is causing others to fail and try to fix that
– System Restore to an earlier date and then perform updates and maybe get past the one that was hung prior ( back up personal data to external drive first )
– System Repair installation from Recovery media for your computer ( back up your data to external drive first )
– Full System Recovery installation wiping the drive clean and installing fresh like when you bought the computer new. ( back up all your important data to external drive first ).

If you need further help just ask which method your going with and one of us can help you.

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Hello.. Have you tried this tool here:

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