This video will show you how to fix any screen brightness not changing, and related issues on Windows 10. It includes the following:

  1. Display/Monitor Drivers
  2. Device Manager
  3. Display Brightness Troubleshooting

More about screen brightness in Windows 10

Windows 10 increases and decreases the screen brightness automatically depending on the local environment and lighting. This setting can also be adjusted manually whether the computer is plugged into a power outlet or running on battery power. Adjusting the brightness of your laptop’s screen is key to keeping the battery life as long-lasting as possible, if the screen stays too bright then it will consume the battery at a much faster rate. When the brightness doesn’t want to change or work correctly, the user can always try Windows Update to solve any Windows related issues that may be causing the problem.

Some user reports also claim the screen brightness changes automatically and when it’s not supposed to, the problem is quite common and usually occurs after a user makes an upgrade to the Windows 10 operating system. Fortunately, it’s not as difficult as reinstalling the operating system, or making complex changes to the system files – the problem is usually caused by an underlying issue of either incorrect, incompatible, or outdated device driver software.


Solutions for screen brightness issues

  1. Update the graphics drivers – This can be done by manually downloading the driver, or using Device Manager to update the driver automatically.
  2. Change the Power Options – Control Panel > Power Options > Change advanced power settings, and try changing the brightness setting. Also, try disabling Adaptive Brightness.
  3. For AMD devices – Fix the catalyst bug in Registry Editor, it’s a known bug that causes screen brightness issues on AMD ATI laptops.
  4. Reinstall the monitor driver – Use Device Manager to locate your monitor driver and reinstall it.
  5. Check your BIOS settings for misconfigured display settings.
  6. For any other fixes please refer to the following guide.

We hope this has helped you in fixing your screen brightness issues. If you require any assistance with your PC, please contact us via the website to speak to our techies directly.