This video will show you how you can easily secure your webcam. It includes the following:

  1. Secure Your Webcam
  2. Webcam Hackers
  3. Webcam Security Software

Secure Your Webcam

Hackers can access your webcam easier than you think. We’re in the age of the Internet of Things – where internet-enabled devices connect with one another all over the world. Any electronic device that has a solid internet connection, could be exploited. The only way to secure your webcam is by being extra careful about the way you are using your computer.

The most common approach hackers tend to take to enter targets lives, is through email, and fake email messages that claim to offer information or entertainment to the user – who would be oblivious to exactly what’s happening behind all the screens. This baiting technique is known as phishing. Another way of hackers getting into the system is enticing email recipients to browse to a website where the user downloads the malware onto his/her computer, or the website automatically downloads the malware to the PC in the background. This technique is known as waterholing. With all of these attacks and malware floating around, it’s necessary to secure your webcam.


How to protect and secure your webcam

The easiest way to secure your webcam would be to mask it with a piece of plastic or paper. Even Mark Zuckerberg admitted that he covers his webcam and masks his microphone. The number of recorded instances of pictures captured through unauthorized webcam access remains relatively low, however, because most attacks happen without the user realizing they have been compromised. So attacks go unaccounted for.

The other method of securing your webcam would be to scan your computer with a trusted antivirus program. This will make sure there are no hidden rootkits or trojans that hackers could be using to enter your system. Antivirus software also comes with a firewall feature capable of securing your Wi-Fi or home network from any incoming attackers.


How to check if your webcam is hacked

Your webcam light will come on unexpectedly and randomly. If it turns on when you’re not using your webcam, there’s a chance your webcam and PC have been hacked – However, there’s a chance that another application might have turned the light on, so check first. Sometimes hackers have the ability to disable the webcam light on some webcams, keep that in mind too.