Our Computer Support Services

Our computer support service covers most issues on PCs, tablets and mobile devices. We can fix any issue that is not hardware related with the benefit of immediate assistance and very affordable rates. We’ve got an extensive self-help video library with detailed steps on how to resolve most issues. But we are also available at a moments notice to help if you need additional assistance.

PC, Tablet and Mobile TroubleshootingPC, Tablet and Mobile Troubleshooting

Remote support software gives us the capability to troubleshoot and fix most computers and devices on the market today. This includes PCs, Android and iOS based mobile devices and tablets. The benefit is that your computers and devices can be fixed without you having to leave your home. It is secure and you have full control over how and when we can access your devices.

Virus and Spyware RemovalVirus and Spyware Removal

A study showed that 32% of computers with anti-virus software were infected with viruses and malware.  Keeping antivirus software installed, active and up to date is very important in preventing virus infections, but is not guaranteed to keep you virus free. We will make sure your computer is free from infections, so that the risk of information loss and theft is prevented.

Antivirus Installation and ProtectionAntivirus Installation and Protection

Expired anti-virus software not only leaves you at the mercy of viruses, but it can also slow down your computer dramatically. We will give you a few options for anti-virus software, which includes free and commercial software, so no need to go without protection again.

Computer Support Service PC TuneupPC Tune-up & Speed Maintenance

What do you get out of a PC tuneup? Tuning up your PC usually makes it quicker and more responsive, helps it run efficiently, and in some respects, extends the life of the machine. We will install and configure software that will keep your PC tuned-up for best performance.

New Software Installation and RemovalNew Software Installation and Removal

We will install and configure any new software you have. Typical software we help with is Microsoft Office, Email, Internet Browsers, Video conferencing etc. Too many software programs can use up space and slow down your computer, so we can help identify these programs and uninstall them.

Email and Outlook SetupEmail and Outlook Setup

There are dozens of email options in the market and they all work differently. We can help with the setup and troubleshooting of any issues preventing your email from working correctly. This includes advice and alternative options. We can also make sure your email works across all your computers and devices, including mobile and tablets.

Printer and Other Devices SetupPrinter and Other Devices Setup

Printers and other devices can sometimes be difficult to setup, especially when they are not connected directly to your computer. We will install the necessary drivers and then connect and configure the peripherals. Typical peripherals include printers, scanners, cameras and mobile devices.

Windows Errors & PC GlitchesWindows Errors & PC Glitches

Sometimes your computers and devices can act strangely. You might be infected with a virus, have corrupted software, or your hard drive is busy failing. We can identify and fix these problems or advise you on the next steps if it is hardware related.

Internet TroubleshootingInternet Troubleshooting

We live in a very connected world and intermittent or slow Internet can be very frustrating. It can be very difficult for you to determine if it is your setup, or whether the problem lies with your service provider. We use software to monitor all your network activity and then pinpoint where the problem lies.


Cyber criminals are more advanced than ever and use the latest technologies to achieve their goals. They typically target people with weak security to commit fraud, steal identities, intercept your keystrokes and many other crimes. You can never be 100% secure, but we will assist with making you as secure as possible.

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