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Good morning and Happy Holidays to all,

I’m running Windows 10 Home Build: 19041 My DNS setting aren’t the problem since I’ve check that and Flushed DNS and restarted.
There is no rhyme or reason I can see but with Ethernet, occasionally some sites will load, some will not.

Wifi does not exhibit this problem.

I had Proxy detect on but have turned it off. Still no joy. \

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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Did you replace the Ethernet cable from the computer to the Router?
Before you pull your cable under your house and your hair out, Enable the Hidden Administrator Account, sign out as You, and sign in as the previously Hidden Administrator. See if you still have problems with the Ethernet. If not then your User account Profile has an issue. You can create a new User Profile with Admin rights and copy your stuff over to it.

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