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I noticed today that one of the svchost processes had been running at 50% CPU all day (see screenshot of Task Manager). Also, I can’t manually install MalwareBytes updates (get error message) or update MSSE defs (just hangs at SEARCHING). I tried rebooting, but that same svchost process just goes back to 50% CPU usage. I right clicked on the svchost in Task Manager, and then Go To Services. The ones highlighted in blue are:

What’s going on and is there a fix?

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Was able to download updates today (about 20 of them) in 3 groups. CPU usage back to normal, for now. Thanks for all responses.

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I am not sure why you are getting that error but today I booted the computer and svchost (netsvcs) is still running at 50%. This is ridiculous. Well, I have one computer running linux, I guess this one will be too.


Edit: @debodun, have you tried running the Windows Update Readiness Tool?


Update: Disabling the Windows Update Service Solved the problem but of course this is only a temporary solution. At least the laptop fan isn’t running itself to death.

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Today the svchost.exe is still using 50% CPU. Checked Action Center. Says I need to download NET Framework 4.6.1. I already have that version installed. How can I stop it saying I need that when I already have it?

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I have seen something similar today (4/12/2016 3PM Pacific Time) on a system running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit.


I isolated each service in a separate process as described here:


I then determined that the offending service was wuauserv.


I then ran the Windows Update troubleshooting tool:


That seemed to clear the problem temporarily. However when Windows checks for updates again the problem will reoccur. So I have temporarily shut off Windows Update – I had previously configured it to “Download Updates but let me choose when to install them”.


My working hypothesis is that there is a temporary problem with Windows Update for Windows 7. Hopefully Microsoft will get a clue and fix the problem. Given that it is the second Tuesday of the month I suspect Microsoft is pushing out some updates today.

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