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I have tried to use a tv to replace my pc monitor. Initially it worked ok but the tv displayed a picture filling only half of the tv screen.
I altered the resolution of one of the devices, tvĀ or pc. {Not sure which.} The result: tv screen displays following message “Unsupported
Video Format” on a black background whenever I try to repeat using it to display pc output. I have tried changing the pc resolution to no avail.
Is there any way I can reset the tv resolution. I’m locked out of it now, cannot find a way back in!

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Some TV sets don’t play well. If it we me, I would take the TV back to the vendor and tell them it does not work well with your PC.

I have two TV sets here for my PC. One is very well-behaved and the other always makes a fuss. The one that gives me trouble is a famous brand name!

Some TV sets do not do HDMI very well. Try VGA if you can.

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