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Been having this issue since a few weeks after having this rig built. There doesnt seem to be any particular event that sets this off. Ive been gaming, working on 3D artwork, and just watching youtube, and it happens. No rhyme or reason. On a friends advice I reinstalled a new chipset driver, which seemed to work for about a month then it happened again a couple weeks ago, and has been happening a couple times a week now. My specs are:

processor: AMD Ryzen 3600x


motherboard: TUF gaming X570-PLUS

GPU: gigabyte Geforce  rtx 3700


Ive reached a dead end. I have no idea what it could be seeing as im not the most tech savvy person.

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When USB devices fail to work correctly the best thing to do is to shutdown and remove all USB devices.


Then reboot and reconnect one device at a time (OK maybe two for keyboard and mouse). Try to make direct connections rather than using a hub.

Check in Device Manager that there are no “problem devices” reported. If there are this needs fixing first.

If all seems stable then after a few days connect a further USB device.

Repeat the process until you find the problem device.

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There was a BIOS update  –  Version 3602  2021/03/12  – you could update this if you haven’t already  –  it had “Improved system performance  –  Improved system compatibility  –  Improved memory performance”


Also you could update / reinstall the graphics drivers.


Try using the computer without the Wacom & headset plugged in to see if either of those may be causing it.

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Im actually not 100% sure if the computer completely freezes, or its just the USB devices. Today when it happened while i was watching a youtube video as all the devices shut off instead of the video seemingly being frozen at the moment it was playing, it seemed to be paused instead. I have wired mouse and keyboard, and only one USB on the front thats operational and thats where my headset is plugged.


As for the drivers, it doesnt seem any update overlapped my chipset drivers.


as for the power options, i actually did all that following a YT video a week or so ago.

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When you say it freezes, does it actually freeze, i.e. YouTube stops playing, or does it just stop responding to keyboard and mouse?


Here are some things you could try:


You could check in Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > View Update History > Driver Updates  and see if your chipset driver got replaced by Microsoft


Is your mouse & keyboard wireless? You could try it in a different USB socket – the blue ones are USB 3.2 Gen 1, the green ones are Gen 2

If you have USB sockets on the front of your case, these could be USB 2 and may work better with your mouse & keyboard


In Settings > System > Power & sleep > Additional power settings (in blue on right hand side)

On the plan that is selected, Click  ‘Change Plan Settings’ > ‘Change advanced power settings’  then under USB settings > USB selective suspend setting   temporarily disable it

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