What’s a good cleaning/junk program?2021-04-21T09:02:53+01:00
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Mainly for years, been using my computer to browse and trying to keep it clean but it is updated daily. There are some days i would download programs like itunes, other security programs, games etc…bloatware…I regularly scan my computer and thankfully nothing found so far but i’m worried about the remnants/leftovers of these bloatware because i uninstalled them. Anyway to clean it up? What other ways do you do to clean and keep your computer optimize?

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This one came highly recommended by a very reputable source here at TSF jenae.

As always, stay away from the registry cleaning plug in. This is true for any of the cleaning programs. It’s very safe. I’ve been using it on about 13 computers for over a year. Zero issues.

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