This video will show you how to uninstall and remove Windows 10 bloatware. It includes the following to help you with bloatware removal:

  1. Windows10Debloater Script
  2. Set-Execution Policy
  3. Bloatware Removal

What is Windows10Debloater?

The Windows10Debloater consists of a collection of PowerShell scripts for advanced front-end users to disable Windows services, Windows Defender, configure privacy settings, block telemetry, and remove Windows 10 bloatware apps that are pre-installed with Windows. Please note – to run any of these PowerShell scripts you have to set your execution policy to unrestricted in PowerShell: Open PowerShell and type in “Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Scope CurrentUser“.

This script will uninstall and remove Windows 10 bloatware when using the command: “remove-appxpackage/remove-appxprovisionedpackage”, and deletes all the specific registry keys are weren’t removed beforehand. For the best results, we recommend running the script before a user profile is configured, otherwise, you could see apps that don’t want to be removed properly – and you may find broken tiles on the start menu (which can, fortunately, be removed manually).

There are three versions available of the Windows10Debloater script which can remove Windows 10 bloatware:

  1. Windows10SysPrepDebloater.ps1 – Silent version of the script, useful for deploying MDT Images or sysprepping. Removed bloatware during the deployment process.
  2. Windows10Debloater.ps1 – Interactive version of the script which issues the user interactive prompts. Not to be used for deployments that need silent scripts, as it gives the user a choice with prompts to make the script easier to run.
  3. Windows10DebloaterGUI.ps1 – This is a newly created GUI interface application of the debloat script. Includes buttons to perform all functions and is better for the average user who doesn’t want anything to do with coding, or if the user just wants to see a graphical user interface.


Remove Windows 10 Bloatware?

This is a list of all the software, apps, and features that can be removed by the Windows10Debloater script. Use Windows10Debloater to remove Windows 10 bloatware like the following:

Alarms, Appconnector, 3DBuilder, Asphalt8, Autodesk SketchBook, Bing Finance, Bing Health, Bing Fitness, Bing News, Bing Sports, Bing Travel, Bing Weather, BioEnrollment, Camera, CandyCrushSoda, Caesars Slots Free Casino, ContactSupport, CyberLink MediaSuite Essentials, Phototastic Collage, DrawboardPDF, Duolingo, EclipseManager, Facebook, FarmVille 2 Country Escape, Fresh Paint, Get started, iHeartRadio, Minecraft, King apps, Maps, March of Empires, Messaging, Microsoft Solitaire Collection, Netflix, Network Speed Test, NYT Crossword, Office Sway, OneNote, OneConnect, Pandora, People, Bing Food And Drink, Microsoft Office Hub, Phone, Flipboard, PicsArt-PhotoStudio, PowerBI, Royal Revolt 2, Shazam, Skype for Desktop, SoundRecorder, TuneInRadio, Twitter, Microsoft Sticky Notes, Windows communications apps, Windows Feedback, Windows Feedback Hub, Windows Reading List, XboxApp, Xbox Game CallableUI, Xbox Identity Provider, CandyCrush, Zune Music, Zune Video, ActiproSoftware.

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