This video will show you how to install and use WinRAR in Windows 10. It includes the following:

  1. Installing WinRAR
  2. Configurations
  3. Compressed files

What is WinRAR?

WinRAR is a file archiver utility, built for Windows. It’s able to view and create archives in .zip or .rar file formats. Compressed files are items which sizes has been reduced significantly. This is useful for saving space or sending files over the internet. The compressed size means that it will upload and download faster. A compressed file or folder will have the .zip or .rar extension as the type. Winrar has a 40-day trial period by default. However, the period will last infinitely because of their new license agreement terms. You can use the product forever without having to pay a cent.

How to install and use WinRAR

The software can be downloaded from the internet. It’s easy to install and use. The archiver also comes with a bunch of features to use. Steps to download and install are listed below:

  1. Go to and download the software package.
  2. Optional – you can buy the premium version for added features.
  3. Once the download has finished open the package.
  4. Install WinRAR and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once you’ve installed the software you can begin to use it. It’s as simple as right-clicking on a file and selecting “add to archive“. This will add any files or folders you’ve selected to the archive. You can select multiple folders and files as well. Then you choose the location to save the archive to and you’re done. The size varies upon the compression method used.

We hope this guide has been useful. If you need any assistance on how to use WinRAR, contact us via the website. One of our techies can assist you.