This video will show you how to quickly remove malware from Windows 10. It includes the following:

  1. Malwarebytes
  2. Quick Virus Scan
  3. RKill Process Killer
  4. ADW Cleaner

More about Malwarebytes

Antivirus products protect your computer from viruses. Malicious software spreads by injecting code into other processes. Early viruses were predictable and easy to detect. It’s tough to pinpoint when your whole computer’s infected. Today’s digital playground introduces polymorphic malware. Viruses are made to become harder to detect. Malware infections and advanced attacks are not easy to trace. A behavior-based analysis is needed to locate the attack. Today, it’s hard to recognize viruses by just looking at the files.

Malwarebytes is one of the most powerful and free antivirus tools. You can use it to remove potential viruses and malware from your PC. It gets rid of adware, malicious files, and Trojan horses. One might say it’s been designed to help out your default antivirus software. It works with it side-by-side for an extra layer of security. It comes with a free trial that lasts for 14 consecutive days. An on-demand scanner comes added in the free version.

The layout features a status panel across the top of the main window. It reports whether your computer has protection or not. If everything checks out, it reports a message that your PC is secure. Three rectangular panels display at the bottom of the user interface. Detection History, Scanner, and Real-Time Protection. The user clicks the middle panel (Scanner) to analyze the PC.

You can choose to run the scan scheduler. It lets you run a full, quick, or custom analysis. These take place every hour, day, week, or month. You choose when the software runs the scan. Note that the scan scheduler is only available for premium users. Pricing is as follows:

  • Premium for 1 device. This bills in at $2.80 a month, every year.
  • Premium for 5 devices. This bills in at $5.72 a month, every year.
  • Premium + Privacy for 5 devices. This bills in at $8.33 a month, per annum.

How to remove malware

Malwarebytes includes signature-based detection. The developers trim unneeded signatures to keep the scan time down. If a specific threat hasn’t been around, they toss out the signature. Signature-based detection accounts for around 5% of all detection types. The antivirus starts a scan when copying malicious files on your PC. It waits for the malware to launch before initiating a full scan. Besides, it monitors and blocks phishing attacks on websites. We recommend running it alongside another antivirus. The trial version includes real-time scanning for 14 days. You must buy the premium version to keep real-time scanning when it expires. Premium comes with more advanced scan options. You can use your web browser to download the antivirus. In conclusion, here are the steps for you to follow:

  1. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet.
  2. Navigate to the provided link and install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions for installing to your PC or Mac.
  4. Accept the license agreements and follow the on-screen installation prompts.
  5. After installing the software, you will receive your premium trial.
  6. Make sure the virus definitions database is up to date. Then you can run a scan by clicking the Scan button.
  7. After the virus scan, reboot your PC to wipe all malicious traces.
  8. You can do an optional disk cleanup after removing the viruses.

How to use RKill

The world of malware is changing, and hackers are getting smarter every day. Some infections prevent the user from closing down malicious processes. These processes run in the background without your knowledge. RKill is handy since it forces the malicious activity to stop running. Which in turn allows for the file to get removed by your antivirus software. Running applications can’t get deleted or changed. This is because they need to first stop running. This software lets you force stop all these processes in an instant.

  1. Download and install RKill Process Killer from the link provided.
  2. Run the setup file and RKill will launch. It will display a console screen similar to a command prompt window.
  3. Once the process has finished the box will close and a log will generate. It includes details to show the terminated processes.
  4. You can optionally hold the shift key and right-click a process. It shows you more info on the type of process. This may vary from version to version.
How to use ADW Cleaner

ADW Cleaner is the most popular adware and junk cleaner on the market. It’s free and has been developed by a team of French developers called Xplode. The software removes adware, browser hijackers, and some hidden viruses. Follow the steps to install the software:

  1. Download the software from the link provided.
  2. Run the file that you’ve downloaded and the program will launch.
  3. Configure the scan settings and then start the scan by clicking Scan.
  4. After the scan completes you can clean the computer from Trojans, or adware.
  5. Reboot your computer to remove traces of malware and unwanted software.
Further information

This year’s number one security threat is malware. Hackers have used software to disrupt the business of big companies. Just because they can. It changes the world of big corporations and breaks down barriers. Targeted attacks get created based on personal data. These attacks break through global boundaries. Employees must ensure secure access to their documents. Older attacks got featured in the early video threats. Some experts believe that the first PC virus got released in 1994. Before the year 1999, the number of infections was slim.

Malicious attacks are harmful to your computer and your personal life. When malicious software infects your computer, it can affect your files. Your computer behavior and sensitive information as well. Defense against these viruses is vital for computer safety.

Some types of malware ship with software that you want to download from the internet. The most common type of virus is a Trojan. This form can get into your PC as an attachment via email. Other forms can get planted through websites. You can also get malware through websites that sell illegal and indecent things. A site may get set up to steal information on purpose.

The Verdict

Malwarebytes Premium packs a major punch. It features many layers of security against malicious files. It’s earned a top score in our testing environment. The antivirus is successful at our malware scanner and ransomware tests. It prevails at countering malware-hosting URLs. It didn’t shine as bright as we hoped for phishing frauds, though. When deprived of real-time, it offers spotty protection for most users.

We recommend running Malwarebytes with another antivirus program. Some would say that it’s been built for running on top of current protection. That said, the operating system includes its own virus removal tool. Run it with Windows Defender and it’s fine for most end-users. The built-in Windows security is not as bad as it seems. And when paired with Malwarebytes you will have solid protection. It’s much lighter on system resources than other antivirus tested.

Malwarebytes functions as a full-featured antivirus platform. It’s not just second-line protection as it was in previous versions. Our tests have earned it an excellent score in our lab environments. The only thing they may need to improve is phishing and ransomware detection.

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