This video will show you how to screen record on Android. It includes the following:

  1. Record your Android device’s screen
  2. Xrecorder

How to Screen Record on Android

Recording your screen on Android is simple, especially in the later versions of Android. Google has been implementing native screen recording into their Android releases. This feature is usually located in the navigation bar, swipe from the top down to select it. To know how to screen record on Android, check out the video.

Another software to use is Xrecorder. This is a free app that does everything for you. In addition, it gives you a handful of tweakable settings for your recording session. It can be downloaded via the Google Play Store from here.

Some of the top free screen recording apps:

  1. Xrecorder – Google Play Link
  2. Screen Recorder – Link
  3. AZ Recorder – Link
  4. ADV Screen Recorder – Link

Of course, the best option would be Xrecorder because of the customization. It’s completely free to use. It doesn’t force you to have a watermark and has an unlimited recording timer. So you can record for as long as you want, provided you have the storage space.

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